Can children wear contact lenses?

Contact Lenses For Children

Yes! Children as young as eight can be mature enough to wear contact lenses but the age does vary with the child. A good indicator is how well your child can look after themselves. Do they remember to wash their hands without prompting, likewise their teeth? Do they look after their personal posessions and keep their belongings tidy? A childs ability to maintain good hand hygiene and take care of their lenses ensure that the lenses can be worn without complications. Any child who can handle the responsibility can be considered for contact lens fitting. Of course, adult supervision is always essential to ensure the contact lens journey is safe and hassle free.

Contact lenses and Sport

Contact lenses can give children confidence to continue playing sport, an important aspect of keeping children healthy and active. Glasses or spectacles are not safe for some contact sports such as rugby, there there is risk of injury should the spectacle frame break, making contact lenses the ideal choice. Apart from safety, contact lenses don't fog up,  they don't get wet in the rain , they don't limit periperal or side vision and so they give children the opportunity to excel in their chosen sport. No longer at their opponents disadvantage just because they didn't see so well contact lenses are the ideal choice for children who love sport.

Self esteem and contact lenses

A recent study has shown that the change in appearance that comes with wearing contact lenses can improve a child's confidence and self esteem. This can have a follow on effect on their acaedemic performance

Are they safe?

Contact lenses offer a safe alternative to glasses for everyone including children. Advances in technology have led to lenses which are ultra hygienic, breathable, moist, comfortable  and healthier for our eyes. While there are risks of complications such as infection, the risks are minimal when the advice of the eye care practitioner is followed. Daily disposables are lenses that can be thrown away after a single use offer an ideal healthy, low maintenance option for children. 

Talk to us today about contact lens options for your child. Modern contact lenses can correct long sighted or shortsighted eyes and eyes with astigmatism.