Common Hereditary Eye Conditions

Simple things such as eye colour are inheritated but here are a number of common eye conditions  and many more rare conditions that can be passed in your genes to your children. While we cant choose our family we can have regular eye examinations so that many of these conditions can be diagnosed at and early stage. GlaucomaGlaucoma is a common eye condition affecting approximately 2-4% of the population. Normally it caused by high pressure inside the eye.  If someone in your family has Glaucoma you are almost 10 times more likely to develop the condition at some point in your lifetime. The risk is highest if you have a sibling or parent with the condition. Annual eye examinations with your Optometrist can detect glaucoma at a very early stage. While there is no cure, an early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent vision loss and blindness. Long and Short SightednessChildren who have parents who wear glasses for long or short sightedness are more likely to develop long or shortsightedness also. Correcting these vision problems at an early age help prevent children developing lazy eyes. Parent should have their childrens eyes tested before starting  school so that glasses can be prescribed if needed. Colour BlindnessDid you know that approximately 8% of boys are colour blind. The term is often misunderstood. Most colour blind people can see colour but they confuse certain shades of reds browns and greens. Colour blindness can affect career choices and it is therefore important to know at a young age. The test is simple and fast. Macular DegenerationSome types of macular degeneration are hereditary and affect younger members of the family. Age related macular degeneration is less likely to be hereditary and is more common than the hereditary forms of the condition. If you are concerned about any eye condition in your family we are happy to discuss this with you. Book an appointment at Súil Eile for a comprehensive eye examination. Phone 024 91118 or email