Happy 9th Birthday Súil Eile

Súil Eile celebrated its 9th Birthday earlier this month and we were delighted to welcome the first ever customer Mr Tom Heffernan in for his annual eye exam. Tom celebrated a big birthday in February this year too but we better not disclose his age!'I still remember the phone call, I was above in Donegal in December 2006 when my mobile rang, on the other end was the beautiful voice of Toms late wife Alice, she had seen the sign on the window, Opticians opening soon. She rang the phone number to enquire if she could make an appointment for herself and her husband Tom to have their eyes examined Over the last 9 years I myself have had the pleasure of seeing Tom at every visit. Myself and all the staff  enjoy the chats with Tom and and hope to welcome him for many more years into the practice'Sue Doherty