Why Can't I Read After 40?

Are you at that age where your arms are no longer long enough to allow you to read comfortable? Is everything up close to you a blur? Ever wonder what it is or what is actually going on? Well it's Presbyopia.

Presbyopia is the gradual loss of your eyes ability to focus on objects up close. It is a natural but annoying part of ageing which normally becomes noticeable in your early to mid forties. It may seem to occur suddenly, but the actual loss of flexibility occurs over many years. It is a natural change in vision which affects everyone.

The symptoms include tendency to hold reading materials at arms length, eye fatigue along with headaches when doing close work.

A comprehensive eye exam will include testing for presbyopia as well as ruling out any sinister cause of your symptoms. It is corrected using reading glasses, bifocals, varifocals or even contact lenses. The changes are most noticeable between the age of 40-60 when it stabilises.